P2P Teachers and Institutions

Benefits of supporting P2P Tutoring:

    • Peer2Peer tutoring works to help YOUR kids. This is an opportunity to allow us to help them heal both their body and their minds.

    • Thanks to teacher and hospital contributions, there will be less one on one catch up time and make up work needed when student return, so they will be less behind and less stressed out.

    • P2P Tutoring will recognize you for your community service!

How you can help:

    • Please nominate students that would benefit from being tutored and encouraged them to fill out our Student Application form.

    • Teachers can help students that are participating in P2P tutoring by simply sending documents and other resources to us.


If you have questions or any students needing help that you want us to reach out too, please feel free to contact us at admin@p2ptutoring.org