Student Liaisons

First of all- Thank you!!

Helping your peers is a wonderful thing to do. Not only are you helping your peers, but you are also gaining a lot as well. Here are some of the benefits that come from volunteering through our program.

Why be a Student Liaison?

  • Most importantly, you are helping a person that may be a classmate or otherwise not able to get help.

  • As you apply for colleges or jobs, you can show community service on your resume.

  • You get a chance to make new friends and learn about collaboration tools.

Student Liaison Application:

Volunteering at is a commitment. The students in need will be dependent on you to get class notes, homework and handouts. As a Student Liaison, you are required to not only collect the assignments for the student in need, but also upload them onto a shared work-space of that specific student.

Here is the student liaison application. You will receive an email from us within the next few days.