School Ambassadors

Want to take on a leadership role at P2PTutoring? Become a School Ambassador!

Our goal is to create a P2PTutoring ecosystem that not only helps kids at one school, but many schools; it brings kids together to help each other. In order to do this, we will need the help of volunteers willing to take on this big responsibility.

We are looking for smart, community minded leaders who are motivated to lead a branch of P2PTutoring at their own schools. Our goal is to have 1-3 school ambassadors per school.

We will work with you to do the following:

· Meet with the school principal and other leaders to explain what P2PTutoring is and how it benefits their schools.

· Go to school clubs, assemblies and other meetings to explain how P2PTutoring works and how they can start using it.

· Recruit friends to tutor and encourage those that need a little help to sign up.

As a P2PTutoring School Ambassador, you would lead this work. (Don’t worry, we will help you as much as you need!) This is a great way demonstrate leadership and community service.

If you are interested in learning more about the role of a School Ambassador, reach out to us at: