Our Team

P2P Tutoring Team

Sonia Mathur

Hello! My name is Sonia Mathur, and I am one of the founders of P2P Tutoring. Along with my interest in science and history, I love being outdoors. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, cooking, and painting landscapes. You can always find me playing the guitar or listening to all kinds of music!

Esha Mathur

Hi! My name is Esha Mathur. Thank you for checking out our website! Aside from being a founder of the P2P Tutoring non-profit, I am very interested in science. I love working in different labs to learn more about the natural world. I also love trying new restaurants in different cities, hanging out with friends, and making art!

Nikhil Mathur

Hi everyone! My name is Nikhil Mathur and I am one of the founders of P2P Tutoring. P2P Tutoring has been our pride and joy since freshmen year, and it has been a privilege to see it grow. Something I am also very passionate about is medicine. In my free time, I like to read about the stock market, hang out with friends, play sports ,and learn about horology.


  • Ms. Amy Cislak, Principal, Tanque Verde High School

  • Mr. Joel Bacalia, Principal, University High School

  • Ms. Andrea Evans, Vice Principal, University High School

  • Mr. James Lerch, Teacher, University High School

  • Mr. Greg Miller, Principal, Emily Gray Middle School

  • Mr. Russell Doty, Principal, Sabino High School

  • Ms. Mary Morse, Assistant Principal, Sabino High School