P2P Tutoring and STEM

Mission Statement:

It is P2P Tutoring's mission to bring awareness to the many fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Our goal is to educate and inspire children from all communities to learn more about these fields. Through our service, students from all backgrounds can seek the help they need in order to pursue a STEM career path.

Below, interested students can find informative articles on the world of STEM and the career paths associated with it.

Helpful Links:

Our team has also put together a list of activities students can participate in to learn more about the STEM world.


  • Volunteer at Hospitals

  • Shadow doctors, nurses, dentists, etc.

  • Learn about local library computer classes

  • Shadow at university labs

  • Join school science, math, technology, or engineering club

  • Meet with University professors of STEM fields

We also suggest visiting the University of Arizona A Center. It contains a lot of information about the medical field.